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Franchising an ideal career path for veterans

Veterans and Franchising – FBR Special Report

You’ve served your country. You’ve been a leader. You’ve had a defined role. When you come home, what are you going to do? Many people are asking themselves this question since over the next five years the Labor Department projects that 1.5 million service members will be leaving active duty.

Is franchising an ideal career path for veterans

Is Franchising an ideal career path for veterans?

If you would like to be your own boss, have structure, serve others, and leverage many of the skills you learned while in service veterans and franchising make excellent business partners.

A franchise owner enjoys the benefits of being in business on his own, but with the support of an entire team dedicated to making sure he is successful. This support and team mentality is similar to what you experienced while serving.

Franchising, in many ways, may be an ideal career path for veterans. Franchise owners who are self-motivated, driven, highly trainable, thrive within a team environment, and understand the value of following detailed systems, tend to succeed. Military service cultivates these traits.

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