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Since 2011 more than 6000 veterans have become franchise owners.

Veterans make great franchise owners and many franchisors are offering discounts and financial incentives to join their team. Because when it comes to leadership, every young man and woman who joins the military are given opportunities to take on tremendous responsibilities beginning in boot camp and throughout their military career. Whether its planning a mission, leading an infantry team into a fire fight or managing a team to ensure the flight readiness of a multimillion dollar aircraft, tank or planning logistics to move a battalion from one place to another. These assignments hone both management capabilities and teamwork are transferable and essential skills in preparation for success in any endeavor in or out of the military. This is why franchisors offer discounts and financial incentives to join their team. READ MORE: “Veterans Make Great Franchisees” There are hundreds of excellent franchise opportunities for veterans who want to own a business of their own. BEGIN YOUR SEARCH: “Search Franchise Opportunities”

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Veteran Franchise Advisers is veteran owned and operated. Our mission is to help educate and to help you make the right decision when selecting a franchise to own.  We understand where you’ve been, we’ve been there! The skills and experience you offer, we’ve used them! Complete the form and an Veteran Franchise Adviser will contact you. All your information will remain strictly confidential.

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