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Veteran Franchise Advisers (VFA) provides a range of complimentary information, tools, and resources aimed at supporting veterans and their families in exploring franchise opportunities. Our primary objective is to enhance veterans’ understanding of franchising, help them to mitigate investment risk, and facilitate a well-informed decision-making process when selecting a franchise to own. Our proprietary process involves matching veterans with high-quality, pre-screened franchise companies that align with their financial, lifestyle, and personal business ownership goals. The unique skills and experience that veterans acquire during their military service make them exceptional franchisees. They are well-equipped to leverage their training and leadership experience to successfully own and operate a franchise.  VFA’s commitment to equipping veterans and their families with the necessary tools and resources to navigate the franchising industry is a testament to our belief in the value and potential of veteran entrepreneurship. Veteran Franchise Advisers are here to help you:
  • Understanding the pros and cons of owning a franchise business.
  • Learn about the different levels of franchises available.
  • Provide tools to help in your franchise evaluation process.
  • Help find the best opportunity based on your experience, goals, and investment capabilities.
  • Information on finance options
  • Access to expert advice.
Unlock your potential for entrepreneurship and explore franchise opportunities with our free information, tools, and resources designed to empower veterans. Start your new chapter today!

Richard Ashe

Richard Ashe, the founder of VFA, is a remarkable entrepreneur, franchise business owner, and corporate professional with a wealth of experience. He has helped numerous companies expand and find success. Ashe’s journey from serving in the US Marine Corps to becoming the Vice President of Global Marketing for an international software company is an inspiring example of hard work, determination, and dedication.
A Note From Our Founder
At VFA, our mission is to make every client interaction a positive and transformative experience. Our extensive experience in the business world, combined with his passion for helping others, has made VFA a trusted partner for countless entrepreneurs and business owners.