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Use Your TSP, IRA, 401(k) Retirement Funds To Start Your Franchise.

Did you know you can use your TSP, IRA, 401(k) funds to start your franchise? This IRS approved program is “tax and penalty free”.

Our program is a Self-Directed Retirement Structure that permits Individuals to Actively invest their TSP, IRA, 401(k)retirement Funds to start your franchise without incurring early withdraw penalties or Taxes. You don’t have to worry about the fillings we will take care of it.

This franchise or business funding solution offers significant benefits over any other funding source available.

Using your IRA as a funding source for new or existing businesses adds significant advantages over debt type financing. Because retirement funds can be structured as an investment into the business, there are no corresponding debts that can increase business overhead.


  • Substantial tax benefits through tax deferred growth of owners business
  • Debt service is substantially reduced or eliminated
  • Checkbook control
  • Lower cost option versus traditional funding alternatives
  • Retirement asset pledge requirement waived through traditional lending sources
  • Pay back of retirement investment not required in the event of business failure
  • Substantial tax benefits with exit strategy
Nicole Bergeron
“I was very skeptical when you were 1st recommended to me through my employer. I thought this couldn’t be real but if my company recommends it then why not. Boy am I glad I listened, this has truly been a great learning experience because of your patience and guidance. I am now able to be a franchisee and pursue my dreams and goals.

Thank you so much for making this possible!”

Cameron M. Douglas

“Thank you for your services in setting up our company’s 401k Profit Sharing Plan Trust. We appreciated how you always made yourself available even on the weekends to answer questions. As a recap, once our company was incorporated with the State the company was funded through a Qualified Employer Securities purchase within one week.

This included a lot of paperwork and transactions to make it happen. Thanks to IRA Rollover Solutions, Rains Plan Group and Brian Elsey the Financial Adviser for the professionalism and hard work that enabled us to realize our dream of business ownership.”

Aaron Work

“I started working with Tom at IRA Rollover Solutions almost a year ago. I can’t even begin to tell you how great the service has been! Not to mention how much time and money he saved me (over ten thousand!), by helping me get my Corporation up and running efficiently.

The product and the knowledge that he brings to the table has been priceless. Tom offers a service that no new business should overlook. I’ve recommended IRA Rollover Solutions to everyone I know. I just can’t say enough!”

Gian Curry

“I would strongly recommend using IRA Rollover Solutions to any professional in need of finding and contracting with a financial services provider for a 401k rollover to acquire a business.

My experience with IRA Rollover Solutions has been a very positive one as I have found both Mr. McDonald and Mr. Cox to be professional, knowledgeable, and quick to return calls and follow through on their commitments.”