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At EnviroLogik, we care about our neighbors, our communities, our environment and our franchisees, and we help local businesses keep people and the environment healthy! We have 11 years of experience using EPA-registered sanitizing products to keep facilities and vehicles sanitized, and we use unique environmentally friendly bacterial products, automatic timed dispensers, specialized equipment and 30 years of global experience to provide truly amazing and necessary services, keeping drain lines and urinals flowing and odor-free for businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, medical offices, hospitals and C-stores, as well as hotels, schools, stadiums and airports.

Our odor control services are amazing for commercial kitchens, restrooms, dumpster areas and more, and our franchisees have an additional revenue stream from retail and online odor control and drain line product purchases by businesses and by pet, RV and boat owners!

Many communities are passing regulations to keep pollutants out of wastewater, and our franchisees use a recurring revenue service model to keep businesses compliant and to help municipalities ensure that they are. Our franchises also help recycle used cooking oil and they sell heaters, boilers and A/C units that use this oil as fuel.

Service vanThis is an incredible business model that is truly necessary and can’t be done by Amazon. We have no direct competitors, even though we’ve been in business for 30 years in the US and 19 other countries. The investment ranges from $108,675 for a small owner-operator protected territory to $265,840 for a much larger executive model. It can be run full-time by an owner or semi-absentee with sales and/or operations managers.

Take control of your income and improve your lifestyle while helping keep your neighbors, local businesses and your community healthy!

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Average Investment: $130000 - $187000

Minimum Investment: $108675 - $265840

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Min. Liquidity: 21000

Years in Business: 1991

Open Units: 3

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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